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Monday, April 6, 2015

Always Ice Cream Review- A Great Resource for Homeschoolers!

I stumbled on a another online program for home school and it is really, REALLY awesome! Let me start off by saying that I wasn't given anything to do this review, I just love sharing when I find a great resource. Always Ice Cream is a site for girls only that is full of games and education videos. It is a christian site which I love.  The girls can add friends (kinda like a Facebook for kids, that is completely safe and moderated). They can even join groups and email or send messages to their friends and the girls in their group. Girls can build and decorate their house and even design decorations and furnishings and clothing and open a store. Then they set the price of what to sell their items for and sell them to the other Always Ice Cream Girls! I love this because it goes along with the business stuff we are focusing on right now. In their store they have to pay for the item they design, like say they are going to design a couch they have to choose the couch and pay for it. I'm not sure what the costs are but then they customize it with different colors or fabrics, So if they pay $25 scoops (they pay with Ice Cream Scoops instead of money) for it then they sell it for $30 they only make a $5 profit. They can buy pets and food and accessories for their pets. All this is just the bonus extra stuff. The best part of the program is that to earn the scoops to buy and do this stuff you have to play the games or watch the videos, all of which is educational! And not just educational but really fun! You can set the grade level that the kids are playing at so they aren't just playing way below their level. There are games and videos that teach, Math, Language Arts, History, Science, Life Skills ( my girls love the Cooking Class and Cooking Show games!),Foreign languages, Geography and Bible (I'm pretty sure you can set your account to Christian or Jewish and maybe Secular). They also have just for fun stuff but you can't earn scoops for that stuff. This program is so full of inceitives! Some of the things you can do is play against your friends, earn medals when you level up in a game and they have a top earner contest each month, where if you are one of the top earners that month you get limited edition stuff for your pets! The site is for either Kindergarten or First grade to Eighth grade. Now I bet you are thinking WOW! All that must be pretty expensive! Nope! All of that for less than $9.00 a month! And they offer a FREE trial! Oh and each week you will receive an email with a report of everything your child learned and did that week! All the games they played, any medals they earned and what videos they watched. If you have a boy that you think would just love something like this you are in luck, they have a boy's site called Clever Dragons! This isn't just great for homeschoolers, it would be awesome to play after school or during the summer.

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