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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nature Books That Will Change Your Life!

OK, maybe not your life but definitely your Science class!

There are two books that we have used over and over through the years. I would say that every homeschooling family would benefit from these books. One is Pets in a Jar by Seymour Simon and the other book is Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock. Both books are excellent to have on your bookshelf, especially if you have a kid that's always bringing some critter home.

The first book, Pets in a Jar, explains how to set up different habitats using gallon size jars. We have used this book so many times over the years. We have kept ants, tadpoles, frogs and toads, crickets and earthworms with it's help. All my kids with the exception of Ashley have brought home some critter at one time or another.

The other book is a great resource for studying nature in general. From birds to turtles, trees to rocks this book is really great for leading children to learn about the world around them in a very natural way. I love the way it leads kids to make discoveries on their own instead of me just telling them the information.

I've never been much into nature study but these two books have really helped. Lately I have been making a concentrated effort to get the kids more involved with nature. Maybe it's because the weather has been so nice, but I just really want to be outside more.

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