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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Week of Fun,Surprises And Hypothermia

We had a really great week this week! Shane finally got a job driving a salt water truck for a company in Bowie, Texas. Yeah! That job at the concrete place was killing us! We were told he would get about 60 -65 hours a week but he ended up only pulling about 30- 35. No way you can feed a family of 7 on that kind of pay. So we are very thankful for the new job. Now we just have to pray he gets put on days soon! Sunday morning is really hard on him after working all night but I know the Lord knows all about it. Church is going pretty good. We still need singers/ musicians desperately, but you couldn't ask for a nicer group of people. They have really been sweet to us. 

I really like the homeschool group in Wichita Falls. We are trying to get involved. Every Monday, Ashley, Kyle, Lacey and Lily take classes though the homeschool co-op. Ashley usually rides in with her friend Sarah at 8:30 in the morning. She is taking a Physical Science class and a Sign Language class. Kyle, Lacey and Lily are all just taking one class each, so we don't go to enrichment until 10:30. This Monday was different though because I had to work in the nursery for another mom. I thought I wouldn't like it very much (and it was hard getting up so early!), but I ended up having a really nice time. It was nice visiting with the other moms and I met some new people. Kyle had a great time in his cooking class. They made a very yummy quiche. Tuesday, we went swimming at some friends house. It was COLD! But I am a trooper, so I plunged right in there with the kids. Thankfully the little ones soon realized it was way too cold for swimming and saved me from hypothermia. We spent the rest of the morning visiting and hanging out. I am glad that the kids are making friends, I felt so bad for making them leave all their friends back home. Lacey has been interested in volcanoes lately. This is because she met a little girl at the park last week that was learning about volcanoes in school. So we checked out two videos from the library, Magic School Bus- Volcanoes! and Eyewitness Volcanoes. I bought the kids a big box of crayons and we have all had a great time coloring pictures. Even Ashley joined us at the table to color. It was nice. And Lacey said the sweetest thing to me the other day. She told me that she loved me more than Chuckie Cheese! In a kids world that is alot of love. The only down side is we have really missed Donna! I cant wait for her to come home!!
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