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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why You Should't Unschool

Okay, I really need to rethink the words I use!! Somehow my kids (Ashley and Donna) have gotten the idea that I am against learning and education! What?! Since we have been unschooling for about 7 months now, I understand it and love it and get it more and more. Maybe I should call it Child Led Learning? or Self- Educating? I don't want my kids (Ashley) to think I don't want her to learn. But is it working you ask? Well if you understand what unschooling is all about- learning something because you want to not because a teacher/ parent is making you learn it- then YES it is definitely working! And while she will vehemently deny it, Ashley is my biggest success story. Ashley insists on doing school work, she picks out her language and math and she chose to take a science class and a sign language class through our homeschool group. I don't have to nag or prod her to do her schoolwork, so I should be on cloud nine right? But it really annoys me that she thinks I am against education! About the only part of schooling we argue about is the stuff I try to assign her, which is stuff she sees as unschooling. The stuff I assign her is not actually unschooling, it is things like how kids learn, ways to learn without traditional textbooks and traditional schools. So should I just drop it and let her believe that the traditional way of learning is best and I am just anti- education? I don't know. I want her and all my kids to feel the excitement and wonder I feel when I learn something I never knew or see something I have never seen. I want them to find something they are passionate about. I want them to see life as an adventure, an exciting and wonderful gift that we are given and to love life and learning. But I am DEFINITELY not saying that we unschool anymore! We are homeschooling- just very untraditionally.

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