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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Volunteering at the food bank

I have wanted to get involved in some kind of community service with the kids. We have tried to do a few things before, but never really found something the kids could get involved in. I don't know if the opportunity wasn't there in Timpson or if I just didn't know where to look. When I heard the homeschool group was looking for people to work at the local food bank getting boxes together for Thanksgiving, I was super excited. We immediately signed me, Ashley, Kyle, Lacey and Lily up. Donna of course is still in Timpson.

 Kyle helping to unpack boxes. Notice the boxes are from Walmart. Everyday Walmart donates boxes and boxes of food to the local food bank. Yummy food, not junk that nobody wants- cakes, pies, bread, cookies, all food about to expire. Instead of throwing it out it goes to feed the hungry.

Lacey also helped unpack boxes but she also helped stack and fetch more boxes.

Lily mostly just ate the food that the workers kept slipping her on the sly. LOL. I think she is eating muffins here. I think she was actually a little too young for this.

Kyle and Lacey waiting for our supervisor to give up another project to work on.

The best thing about this experience is that it is something we can do anytime, not just around the holidays. I would like to volunteer here at least once a month. I put in on my list of real-life experiences I want for the kids.

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