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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Slaughtering A Cow

Well, you all know I am all about experiencing new things, but this was a stretch even for me. A sister in our church was slaughtering a cow yesterday. She happens to live next door to the church so I thought why not let the kids watch? It might be educational. Maybe teach them to appreciate food and the effort it takes to get on their plate? Besides how many kids get the opportunity to see the inside of a cow? So, the pics are pretty self explanatory.
Cow in the back of the truck.

Throat cut already gutted. 

Skinning it.

Cutting the cow up- note the head on the ground. 

Lacey and Kyle fascinated.

Cow heart.

Cow liver.

Skinned head- EEEEWWWW!

The meat.

Believe it or not all the kids, even Donna and Ash, were absolutely fascinated watching this. We watched for just a little while and I was seriously getting cold! So we left. Lily and Lacey started crying! They wanted to keep watching, and all the other kids wanted to watch so we grabbed our jackets and went back. We watched to the bitter end. And even brought some beef home with us.

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