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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Nutcracker Ballet

Today I took Lacey to her first ballet. She was so excited! It was a wonderful day. I really enjoyed spending time with her. On the ride to Wichita Falls, we talked about Christmas coming up and getting a tree. I had Kyle, Lacey and Lily watch a cartoon version of The Nutcracker yesterday so Lacey would be kind of familiar with what was going on in the ballet. Unfortunately the only version I could find was Tom and Jerry and The Nutcracker, so she kept asking about them. LOL. We sat up in the balcony which was nice because it wasn't as crowded with school kids.The ballet started with the girl (Clara? I believe) and a giant Christmas tree. An army of mice danced out and fought an army of toy soldiers. Well, I say they were mice, Lacey insisted they were dragons. Anyway the mice/ dragons were defeated, the girl and the nutcracker/ prince dance away. Then there were beautiful ballerinas, angels, a king and queen and a whole procession of other dancers. Our favorites were the dance of the flowers with the butterfly ballerina and the Chinese girls with the tea pot. The flower girls wore pastel dresses, each a different color and a beautiful butterfly with long blue wings danced among them. The Chinese girls wore red and black costumes and carried red fans. In the middle of their dance a giant tea pot was rolled out and tipped over and more girls tumbled out of the spout. Lacey thought that was so funny! At the end everyone danced a number together. It was very charming.

Lacey waiting for the performance to begin.

After the ballet I took Lacey to the mall. We shared a giant cookie and a coke and then we went shopping for a Christmas ornament for Donna. We found the perfect ornament! I was so happy to find one I liked, I already had an ornament for all the other kids, but I could not find one that I liked for Donna this year. I plan to give the ornament to the kids on St. Nicholas day which is Sunday, so I really needed to get Donna's. Anyway after we found Donna's ornament I took Lacey to the game room in the mall and let her play a couple of games. I think it was a great day. I hope it made as good a memory for her as it did for me. 

Lacey playing games at The Tilt

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