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Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting Our Christmas Tree 2012!

We went Saturday to the Merket Christmas Tree Farm to get our tree. This has been our tradition since I was pregnant with Kyle. Before we go to the tree farm we drive to Marshall so the kids can ride the train. Then we go get our tree. This year was super fun. The weather was perfect not at all cold. Donna invited her fiancee and Ashley invited her boyfriend. Becca and her family followed us to the farm in Shane's truck.

At the mall.

Riding the train.

Kyle at the mall.
The tree farm has pygmy goats.

This picture cracks me up! Poor goat. LOL!

Ashley and Jordan

Noah and a goat.

Becca's little girl Hannah.

Lily holding a goat.

Our Tree!

Lacey and Lily
Donna and Stephen.

One with Santa.

When we got home I cooked a big pot of spaghetti, put on some Christmas music and we decorated the tree. I had made up some puppy chow and sugared pecans and I bought some cookies so we had plenty of snacks. It was fun. We made some good memories.

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