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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our new van!

Hey Ya'll!
God has really blessed this week. I know I don't deserve his blessings but I an so thankful for every gift He's given me. This gift is a 12 passenger van! I've wanted one for a long, long time but didn't really expect to even try to get one, we were still paying on our other van. But God just worked it out. Isn't it fun when God just gives a blessing totally out of the blue that you didn't even expect? I love gifts ( I mean who doesn't?) but the best gifts are the ones you get unexpected, for no reason at all. And that is how this van is, an unexpected gift. I really do feel spoiled! I wanted to take a picture with all the kids in front of it but I couldn't get them all rounded up at the same time.


Shannon@Idylwild said...

I'm so jealous! It looks so new and shiny:) I bet the kids love it, too.

Shannon@Idylwild said...

Happy Birthday (a day late)!!!!