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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lily's been busy!

This has been a busy week for our Baby Lily! Monday she pulled up by herself! We were so surprised because she STILL can't sit up by herself yet. She can sit fine but if she falls over, she's like a little turtle on it's back, and can't get back up! With all her sisters and her brother it's amazing she can do anything we all hold her so much! LOL! So when she grabbed ahold of the side of the bed and stood up we were just shocked. Of course, then we all started clapping and cheering and it surprised HER so much that she fell back on her bottom. Then she figured out it was a game and she'd stand up and we'd all clap and cheer, she'd sit down and we would get quiet. Then she'd stand up and it would start all over again. Now how smart is that! She's just brilliant, I tell you!Then yesterday I thought she had a piece of paper in her mouth and while I was feeling for that I discovered a TOOTH! Her first little baby tooth. It's so beautiful too! And she's really been practicing her crawling technique. She has about mastered the combat crawl and has started developing the hand- knee maneuver. Once she's on her hands and knees though she tends to just rock back and forth. We aren't worried though, I'm sure she has some brilliant plan in mind. Lily is the last of six kids and she takes her job of keeping us entertained very seriously!

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Shannon@Idylwild said...

She is so gorgeous! She look just like you but with dark hair:) Give her a big kiss from me! I love you bunches!