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Sunday, March 28, 2010

How Children Fail ( Book Review)

This book was REALLY REALLY good! I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in teaching kids or anyone interested in learning how kids learn.Well, actually this book is about how kids don't learn. That they don't learn by memorizing facts to spit back out on demand, they don't learn by force, fear and coercion. It really helped me see some things that I do thinking that I'm teaching them when really I'm just wasting my time and theirs. It was so funny reading about the ways children fool their teachers and remembering doing the exact same things when I was in school. And on the flip side reading about some tactics that teachers use and realizing that I have done some of the very same things to my own kids. I think even if I don't stay with unschooling this book and this experience will make my a much more relaxed and a much gentler homeschooler.

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Shannon@Idylwild said...

yeah! I found your blog again! I had lost m favorites list and couldn't find you:( I'm so excited about your experiment. I love the idea of unschooling - especially the "strewing" concept - but I have control issues:) so who knows if I could pull it off. I'm loving all the shakespeare recommendations, too. We're about to start Shakespeare so I'll be checking all these out.
And did you say your teaching Donna to drive? How can that be?!?!
I love you bunches! Keep posting!

spoileddaughteroftheking said...

Hey Shannon! I miss u to pieces! I think the hardest part of the unschooling for me has been the control thing! I definitely have issues also. I have no prob with Lacey and Kyle they seem to really do great with this style of learning. But Ashley and Donna can really test my belief in this. Sometimes it seems like all they do is go for walks and text message their friends!We'll just see how it goes. LOL