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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Unschool Experiment- Update

Well, Donna and Ashley are starting to read The Teenage Liberation Handbook ( at my requests). I waver between being whole- heartedly sold on Unschooling and missing my old school methods. I especially miss the conversations I had with the kids about history and religion. We still have lots of conversations but probably not ones as deep or meaningful. I'm really trying to respect the kids as people and trust that they will learn and grow. Whenever I begin to have doubts I flip through The Teenage Liberation Handbook or the Unschooling Handbook and I ordered a couple of other books also. I have no qualms concerning Kyle or Lacey they seem to just thrive in this relaxed environment. Kyle is always doing some type of math. He loves counting! And lately he's been asking lots of questions about times tables and fractions. Lacey is constantly writing. She loves writing her letters or copying words I write for her. We are all trying to get more involved in life, especially church. We have a great event planned this Saturday called Street R.A.G.E. (Reaching All Generations Effectively). Ashley wants to get involved in it and I'm hoping Donna will as well, but I'm not forcing the issue. I'll try to post about it Sunday or Monday.

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