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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting The Kids Off The Computer And Into Nature

Today the kids and I packed a lunch, some books, crayons, colored pencils, a blanket, Gingy (our dog) and Lily's turtle Kitty and headed to the park. After the kids had played awhile we read a few chapters from 'Sideways Stories From Wayside School'. This book is so incredibly funny, even Lily will sit still and listen to it. We packed a picnic and the kids ran and played, they collected all kinds of leaves, pine cones, rocks, sticks and even mushrooms. Shane wasn't happy about the mushrooms because he said they can be poisonous so he made them throw those away. I folded a few pages a typing paper and stapled them together and made some simple nature books. The kids drew and colored their treasures in their nature books. I showed them how to make leaf rubbings and they were fascinated by that. They decided to try some bark rubbings but they didn't turn out as well. They pretended to be explorers, climbing over rocks and trees.
I'm not sure what this channel thing is. After it rains water collects in it and the kids like walking in it. They can usually find tadpoles and frogs or toads. Today they found crayfish!  They hadn't ever seen those and were afraid to try to catch them with their hands. They did however find  a dead half eaten one that they scooped up with a bowl and looked at, poked and examined at length. It was really gross. Shane told them when he was a kid that he would tie  a piece of bologna to a string and catch them. So I guess next week we are going back to catch some crayfish.

I don't really know what this used to be but it looks like an old stage maybe? Anyway they climbed around on it awhile.

And while we did all this Kitty wondered off. We all kept telling Lily to leave it in the box but she left it out and it got away. She cried and cried so we all looked for it but Kitty was gone. We did bring home a baby frog though.

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