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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Benjamin Franklin's top 13 week 2

Silence- Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversations

Day 1-
Memorize Ephesians 4:29
Talk to kids about their tongue. Once you say something you can't take the words back. You can say your sorry but the words are still there.
Demonstration- give kids a tube of toothpaste, icing, etc. have them squeeze out what you gave them onto a plate. Then tell them to try to put it back in the tube. Neither can you put the words back into your mouth once they are spoken.

Day 2- Memorize Ephesians 4:29
Read Luke 6: 45 Refer back to yesterday's demonstration. Discuss what is inside us is what comes out of our mouth. If good is in our hearts, evil isn't going to come from our mouths.

Day 3-
Memorize Ephesians 4:29
Talk about the power of words, to hurt, to discourage, to uplift, to benefit
List ways our words are used for wrong (lying, insults, putting people down, gossip)
List ways words are used for good (being kind, telling others about Jesus)

Day 4-
Memorize Ephesians 4:29
Think of people in the Bible who used their words for good/evil
Good- John the Baptist, Jesus, (who can they think of)
Evil- Ananias/Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11 lied) (who can they think of)

Day 5-
Memorize Ephesians 4:24
Read James 3:1-12 Discuss some of the things tongue is compared to (ship, bridle, fire)

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