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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Animal Habitats

Lacey has been learning about habitats in school lately and so we have been setting up different habitats up in our living room. We set up our toad habitat  last week. Lacey and Lily set up an ant habitat all by themselves. They got a jar and filled it with dirt and ants. The ants have been very busy burrowing little tunnels and carrying food. We wrapped the jar in black paper today to encourage the ants to build some tunnels against the glass. I know I have an ant farm in storage somewhere we may go get it out and see if we can get some ant eggs and maybe a queen ant. For now though they seem satisfied with the jar. This week we set up a lizard habitat. We have two lizards so far. All the kids love watching the animals but Lily loves playing with them. We googled lizards and I think what we have is a Mediterranean House Gecko and a Green Anole. The green lizard is really cool because it turns from green to brown very quickly. Lily is still very sad about losing her turtle so we look for a turtle almost every day. We hope to find a another turtle and to set up a turtle habitat. I'm going to try to go to the library tomorrow and check out some books on lizards, ants and toads. I'll put the books by the coffee table so the kids can flip through them while they are watching the animals. We have fish in our pond but we are thinking of setting up a fish tank in the house. The fish pond is kinda murky so it's hard to see the fish except at feeding time. I'm seriously running out of room for all these habitats though! Right now we have the frogs in a pretty big aquarium, the lizards are in a smaller aquarium and the ants are in a pickle jar. All of them are on my coffee table and I'm running out of space. I was thinking about moving the coffee table against the wall by the t.v. but I like having a coffee table by the couches. I bought a bunch of aquariums and critter keepers at a yard sale a year or so ago and now I'm glad I did. They have really come in handy.

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DutchMac said...

1. Hello there! Nice to 'meet' you through our blogs!

2. How great to have so many critters in your house. Except for the ants things. I'm very much in the 'if it has fewer than two or more than four legs, it doesn't belong in my life' camp. Although I did briefly have a 2.5ft Baby Ball Python while in college. But then, we all do crazy things in college.

3. You left a message on my blog about a poem containing the word 'loo'. Please, oh PLEASE share that one with the world. Any poem containing the word 'loo' is too much of a gem to keep hidden! (your didn't use 'loo' as something to rhyme with 'poo' did you?) ;-)

spoileddaughteroftheking said...

It's nice to meet you too! The two animals I absolutely would not have in the house are snakes and mice because I'm terrified of both. Pretty much anything else is OK. :)
I don't remember the poem. Me and the kids were just messing around rhyming one day and the last line of the rhyme was Oh no! The kitten fell in the loo!