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Monday, October 1, 2012

To Martyr Our Lives- Jesus Freaks by D.C Talk

I found this quote a few years ago in a book by d.c. Talk. I read a lot of books, blogs and articles but I think this is one quote that really stayed with me as a principle or idea to live my life by. I reread it many times, I write it on slips of paper and I think about it often. 

While we may not be called to martyr our lives, we must martyr our way of life.

It is taken from a paragraph by Michael Tait. The book is 'Jesus Freaks by d.c. Talk'. I think this is one of the most insightful, profound things I have ever read. I heard a lot about this book but because of the title I didn't read it. Now I've read it several times. This book pulls at my heart, it makes me realize how selfish I am, how little I've really sacrificed in my life. I have so much while others have so little. While others are dying for Jesus what am I doing? Will Jesus say to me "Well done, my good and faithful servant" or "Depart from me, I never knew you"?

Our Mission may not involve hanging on a cross, being jailed, or being burned at the stake here in America, but we have other, more invisible obstacles. Ours is a society built by pride, materialism and dedication to the status quo. In a world built on free will instead of God's will, We must be the freaks. While we may not be called to martyr our lives, we must martyr our way of life. We must put our selfish ways to death and march to a different beat. Then the world will see Jesus.  -Michael Tait

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