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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dead Phones and Fish!

Blah! Today has been a frustrating day. Actually it started yesterday. I was taking all 5 kids with me to run errands and get groceries, of course I was running late, of course everyone was talking to me and I wasn't paying attention. I drove through our goldfish pond. Actually I got stuck in our goldfish pond. Naturally the older two jumped out to take pictures to post on facebook, while my son offered all kinds of tips and advice how to get out of the pond and the two little ones yelled and cried that I was killing the goldfish! After I walked next door and woke my dad up we managed to get my van out of the pond with only the front license plate torn off. I heaved a huge sigh of relief and proceeded with my day. Disaster averted. Until I got home with the van full of groceries and two tired kids. That's when I realized I had torn the pond liner and the water was dangerously low. So I refilled the pond to buy some time while I tried to figure out what to do.     Later that night I went out to check on my fish and see how low the water had gotten. And I dropped my phone in the pond! Yikes! I fished it out and tried using a blow dryer to dry my phone out. I put my phone in a bowl of rice to absorb the water and ran back outside to add more water to my pond. This morning Shane told me the pond was almost completely empty so he refilled it. By now of course I'm thinking my goldfish probably aren't going to make it. So I was laying in bed wondering what to do. I think I remember reading somewhere that someone had turned their above ground pool into a fish pond in the winter. So I think maybe I can do that. I woke up early and began trying to catch my goldfish and put them in our pool. It's been dead for at least a month now so hopefully there isn't any chlorine left. I managed to catch all but a little black goldfish. But as fast as I am catching them and throwing them in the pool I am fishing them back out. Dead.  Well, now I sit here and most of my little goldfish are dead. I have four big goldfish that I have had for about three years. The prettiest one looks like it is dying,one is MIA and two look like they are doing OK. And my phone will not come back on. BLAH!

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