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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Learning with Legos

Today we pretty much played with Legos all day, which Kyle of course loved. We began by making up math problems for each other to figure out. Stuff like can you build a tower that is 5/17 blue and 7/17 red? What fraction is left over? Can you build a tower using 5 different colors? What are the fractions? How many different colors do you need to make 40 if you use each color 5 times? Are any left over? We all came up with problems for the others to solve. Lily mostly just tried to build really tall towers. Then we played Kyle's Lego Challenger game but we changed some of the challenges into math challenges. That was Kyle's Idea. I think he figured I'd let him play the game if he could make it educational. He was right. It was kinda hard though because we had to make the rules up as we went and it got kinda confusing, plus Lily kept taking the Legos. I tried to distract her by telling her to make letters out of the Legos but then Kyle and Lacey decided that looked more fun so they quit the game and we made Lego letters instead. Which led to us making our names out of Legos. Then Kyle made a Minecraft Lego dude.

 Sorry about this pic. I couldn't get it to rotate.

So that was our school for today. Plus we read 2 chapters of Follow My Leader which Kyle loves, Lacey and Lily like it but they only wants to read one or two chapters at a time. With Stories from Sideways School we would read five or 6 chapters at a time and they would still beg for more! We are doing school a little different now. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are computer work days and Tuesday and Thursday are no computer days. Plus once a week we are doing group work with my sister and her kids.

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