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Friday, October 1, 2010

Lily started shaving!

Lily started shaving! That's right, Lily. Our 3 year old. What did she shave? She shaved her head! Yep, her head. She came out of the bathroom all covered in shaving cream. It was all in her hair, all over her body, in her ears and up her nose. She really went to town with the stuff! I cleaned her up and didn't really pay any attention to her hair. It honestly never occurred to me that she was actually shaving! In fact it took me several days to realize what she had done. When I tried putting her hair up I would think hmm... Lily is really having a bad hair day. No matter how I tried to do her hair it just didn't look right. I tried several different hairstyles. I thought her hair seemed shorter, maybe it is falling out? Boy, that's weird. And the back of it looked really thin, it had been getting really long. I couldn't figure it out. I thought of all kinds of reason for her bad hair. Maybe its the water here in Burk? Maybe I should change shampoos? What could it be? Then I found the razor in the bottom of my closet and it snapped to me just why Lily's hair looked so weird. So I am assuming that she just randomly brushed her hair with Shane's razor and thankfully it was pretty dull. The top of it and the sides are pretty short and awfully choppy. Luckily she left some in the back. I cant believe it took my so long to realize what she had done! I am the most unobservant mom in the world. I wonder what else I miss around here?

This isn't the best picture but its the best I could get. You can see how short it is on the sides, but at least the back is still long.

by Betty

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