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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Park day in Burkburnett

I love the homeschool group in Wichita Falls but I don't love driving into Wichita several times a week. Plus we are trying to be mindful of the gas with Shane working 70 miles from home! I thought maybe some of the other homeschoolers in Burk felt the same way and so I invited them to the park. It was a lot of fun. Six moms and about 15 kids were there. We decided to make it a weekly event, at least while the weather is so nice. I am trying to get out into the community and get known. Bro. Landtroop (our pastor back home) said that we (the church) should be the leaders in the community- the head not the tail and I thought made a lot of sense. If we are going to reach Burkburnett for Jesus we aren't going to do it by letting all the other churches, businesses and organizations lead everything. So I am looking for ways to lead. We are really excited about everything the Lord is doing. We are still praying for singers and musicians. But at our Fellowship Sunday (eating meeting LOL) we had six visitors! So we are encouraged that God is dealing with people and stirring hearts. We plan to do some outreach October 16 and 23rd. I made up some flyer/ door hangers to put on doors. And we plan to sell peanut brittle in November at Holiday Hanger. I know it is a fund raiser but I look at it as a way to get our name out into the community. I am making up some brochures of the church to pass out with the candy. So please keep praying for us and the church.


suzzy said...

why don't yall have a camp out or a youth or kids party. get like a christian movie some soda and chips and kids will most likely come. drs

our family said...

That is a great idea!