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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Operation Saturation

Saturday, October 16 was our first Saturation Saturday at The Rock United Pentecostal Church. Our goal is to so totally saturate this town with prayers, invitations, door hangers, fliers, and business cards that there will not be a single person in Burkburnett that doesn't know who we are. And we began our mission last weekend. I spent the last week or so making up door hangers to put on doors.  I made up 100 door hangers. It seemed like a lot to me. We met up at the church Saturday morning. Me, Ashley and Bro. Mark went one way and Bro. Davis and Sis Theresa went the other way. We passed out all hundred hangers in 45 minutes! That is a lot of publicity. Our plan is to do Saturation two Saturdays a month. So Monday I ordered 2,500 more door hangers! I also ordered 1000 business cards, 8 car door magnets (one for each driver in our church), and 250 fliers to pass out at Holiday Hanger.  Operation Saturation is well underway! We are excited about the work that God is doing in the church so far. Shane has been preaching some awesome messages, of course I may be a little prejudiced. I do love to hear him preach!

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