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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Unique And Meaningful Baby Dedication

Sunday a baby in our church was dedicated and it was the sweetest dedication I have ever been to. In every dedication I have been to the pastor called the family up to the front and talked about the importance of raising the baby in church and the responsibilities of the parents to live godly lifestyles and usually the pastor makes comments to the rest of the family about supporting the parents and being a godly influence in the child's life. This dedication had all that but the pastor asked the family to answer with a "We Do" after each question, then he charged the family to hold family prayer and devotion times, to bring the child to church etc. Then he had his wife come up and hold the baby while he prayed for him and said how they vowed to be good leaders in his life, to pray for him, etc. Then he talked to the church about the importance of having a strong, church with strong family like bonds with in the church, to create an atmosphere of faith and worship for the baby to grow up in and asked the church to answer with "We do". He charged the church to pray and worship, to be examples for the baby and to support the parents with prayer and encouraging words. It was really beautiful and it felt like we were all important in the life of this new, little, baby. After that the whole church prayed for God's blessings on the baby. Then the dad of the baby said a few words and the baby's Aunt read a poem she had written for the baby. Then the grandfather sang 'I want To Be Just Like You, Cause He Wants To Be Just Like Me' and there wasn't hardly a dry eye in the room. It ended with a slide show of the baby, family, and even the church members holding the baby. Afterwards they had cake  and punch in the back and invited everyone to come and hold the baby and if they felt led to to say a prayer for him. It was really sweet.

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