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Monday, November 5, 2012

Reflection By Edgar Albert Guest- Poetry

I came across this poem the other day and immediately loved it. I don't know if it's from growing up in a military family or what but I can't help but cry when I hear The Star Spangled Banner and my heart beats faster when I see the flag being saluted. I love this country. I believe it's the greatest country in the world, not because Americans are better than anyone else but because it is my home.

You have given me riches and ease,
You have given me joys through the years,
I have sat in the shade of your trees,
With the song of your birds in my ears.
I have drunk of your bountiful wine
And done as I've chosen to do,
But, oh wonderful country of mine,
'How little have I done for you!

You have given me safe harbor from harm,
Untroubled I've slept through the nights
And have waked to the new morning's charm
And claimed as my own its delights.
I have taken the finest of fine
From your orchards and fields where it grew,
But, oh wonderful country of mine,
How little I've given to you!

You have given me a home and a place
Where in safety my babies may play;
Health blooms on each bright dimpled face
And laughter is theirs every day.
You have guarded from danger the shrine
Where I worship when toiling is through,
But, oh wonderful country of mine,
How little have I done for you!

I have taken your gifts without thought,
I have revelled in joys that you gave,
That I see now with blood had been bought,
The blood of your earlier braves.
I have lived without making one sign
That the source of my riches I knew,
Now, oh wonderful country of mine,
I'm here to do something for you!

Edgar Albert Guest

Dedicated to our great country! I hope everyone is going to vote tomorrow, If you haven't already done so. Let's keep America great!

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